Conducting and Attending Training, Meeting, Discussion and Demonstration (April-Nov, 2017)

No.TotalTimesLocationNo. Participants 
1Field Day and training on rodent management system in DAR1DAR100-
2Seminar on Ecologically-based Rodent Management1DAR200-
3Farmer Field day and demonstration of best management trial1Let Pa Dan, Bago1931
4Ecologically-based Rodent Management (TOT) Training1Myawaddy-54
5Basic Research and Applied Research Management Training2(1)CARTC, Hlegu
(2)Mon state
6Training on Rodent pest species in Agriculture and their management 7(1)PPD, Yangon
(2)Mon state
(3)Shan state
(4)Bago CPA
(5)Magway CPA
7Ecologically-based Rodent and Weed Management training1CARTC, Hlegu25-
8Discussion on Rodent borne Diseases and Risks of Pest Residues 1Regional Public Health Department, Yangon2-
9Discussion on Transmission and Symptoms of Leptospirosis Disease1Daik-U58