Background History

  1. Plant Protection Division is one of 15 Divisions of Department of Agriculture under Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation. Plant Protection Division is the National Plant Protection Organization of Myanmar. It has been established since 1979 under the Extension Division of Myanma Agriculture Service.
  2. PPD activities were expended with the technical and financial supports from  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and  (GTZ).
  3. In 1995, it became an independent Division as Plant Protection under Myanma Agriculture Service.


  • To be a trusted, reliable, competent and efficient provider of plant protection services
  • To assist the nation to safety export and import agriculture commodities
  • To ensure sound management of pesticides
  • To help farmers to minimize the impact of pest damage by applying integrated pest management approaches, and
  • To educate stakeholders (farmers, traders, government employees and general public) on all aspect of plant protection.