1. To know existing and new insect pest species in particular crop
  2. To establish the accurate insect pest lists in particular crop
  3. To develop the efficient insect pest management system based on the understanding of the ecology of target insect pest species

General characteristics of insects
Insects have –

  • three body regions
  • six legs
  • one or two pairs of wings and
  • one pair of antennae

Insects have two common general metamorphosis:
Incomplete metamorphosis

  • Insects go through the egg, nymphal, and adult stages
  • Nymphal stages may be similar to adults
  • Lack completely developed wings and sexual organs

Complete metamorphosis

    • Insects go through the egg, larval, pupal, and adult stages
    • Adult do not feed upon or injure the plant
Incomplete metamorphosis (Exopterygota) Complete metamorphosis (Endopterygota)
Hemiptera Lepidoptera
Thysanoptera Coleoptera
Isoptera Hymenoptera
Orthoptera Diptera
Odonata Neuroptera