Oil Palm Pests in MM

Diseases of Oil Palm in Myanmar

Sr. Pathogen Common Name Order Family Source
1 Pestalotiopsis sp Gray Leaf Spot Melanconiales Melanconiaceae Current List
2 Phytophthora palmivora Stem canker Pythiales Pythiaceae Current List, CPC 2007
3 Aspergillus spp. Brown Germ Moniliales Dematiaceae Current List
4 Botryodiplodia palmanum Anthracnose Sphaeropsidales Sphaeropsidaceae Current List
5 Glomerella cingulata Anthracnose Sphaeriales Gnomoniaceaes Current List
6 Cercospora elaeidis Cercospora leaf spot Mycosphaerellales Mycosphaerellaceae Current List
7 Curvularia macula Seedling blight Pleosporales Pleosporaceae Current List
8 Pythium spp. Blast Saprolegniales Current List
9 Rhizoctonia spp. Blast Ceratobasidiales Ceratobasidiaceae Current List
10 Fusarium oxysporum Fusarium wilt of oil palm Hypocreales Nectriaceae Current List
11 Ceratocystis paradoxa Dry basal rot Microascales Ceratocystidaceae Current List, CPC 2007
12 Ganoderma philippii Root rot Polyporales Ganodermataceae CPC 2007
13 Macrophomina phaseolina Charcoal rot Anamorphic fungi – CPC 2007
14 Phellinus noxius Brown root disease Hymenochaetales Hymenochaetaceae CPC 2007
15 Rigidoporus microporus White root rot Polyporales Meripilaceae CPC 2007