Pesticide Registration Board (PRB)

The Pesticides Law (Draft)


Pesticides Rule and Regulation (Draft) 

Responsibilities of Inspectors


Data Requirement for Registration of Pesticides


Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Pesticide Registration


Process for Formulation Licence


Process for Fumigation Licence

Process for Repacking Licence


Process for  Wholesale and Retail Licence

Lists of Banned Pesticide in Myanmar

Restricted Pesticides


Application For Registration or Amendment of Registration of Pesticide


Registered Pesticide Lists in Myanmar (25-10-2020)

Allowed Fumigation Licence Lists in Myanmar (2-10-2020)

Allowed Formulation Licence Lists in Myanmar (30-10-2020)

Allowed Repacking Licence Lists in Myanmar (14-10-2020)

Notification of the Penalty fees for Pesticide Registration and Licence


PRB Photo