Plant Pathology(PATHO)

Plant Pathology

  • Early warning for disease incidence according to the climate changes
  • Field inspection to the disease incidence areas
  • Laboratory examination, identification and recommendation for control measure of the disease samples sent from States and Regions
  • Surveillance for providing Pest Record Data for export commodities
  • Determination of Pest Risk Analysis for import commodities
  • Identification and Diagnosis on disease samples sent from States and Regions for Specimen-based plant disease herbaria
  • Laboratory examination on Export commodities to provide Additional Declaration for Phytosanitary Certificate and Import commodities for Import Certificate
  • Laboratory examination of seed-borne disease and recommendation for preventive measure
  • Conducting Extension-Educational training on plant protection measure and farmer meeting
  • Conducting On-Job training on diagnosis and identification of Seed borne diseases
  • Supervising on Bio-efficacy trials of Experimental Registered fungicides
  • Preparing and providing of Training Notes, Pamphlets on disease management
  • Analyze technical documents for Fungicide, Bactericide and Nematicide registration