1. Inspectors are authorized the phytosanitary control at the International points of entry and border check points;
  1. Inspectors, in regarding the phytosanitary control, are free to inspect any place and any time in which plants, plant products and their transport vehicle from points of entry to market by knowing to those who  are  concerned;
  1. Where a consignment is comprised of more than one commodity orlot the inspection to determine compliance with the Phytosanitary requirements may consist of several separate   visual examination;
  1. Inspection of the consignment according to the designated instructions and procedure of  NPPO,   registrations;
  2. At the same time, in accordance with the Inspection procedure, the collection of samples  of consignments with visual inspection  and if it is required,  sent  for laboratory testing and the verification of pest identity may be   combined, designated inspection fees are given by the company;
  3. Inspectors shall prescribe any official measure deemed necessary including the destruction of plants, plant products or other objects which have been found contaminated and wood packaging materials or any other material that could carry quarantine pests; Inspectors shall inform the Director and get the approval;
  4. If new pests are found during inspection, emergency actions are taken as appropriate  and    PRA should be   used for evaluating these pests;
  5. Inspectors shall prepare reports regarding administrative    violations;
  6. Inspectors shall be liable for the compliance of the decisions and     actions taken in accordance with regulatory enactments and  shall not disclose commercial secrets.