Welcome to the Myanmar SPS Enquiry Point

The SPS National Enquiry Point has been established at Department of Agriculture – Plant Protection Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation.
The Myanmar SPS Enquiry Point has been established to:
Answer all reasonable questions regarding SPS measures from domestic organizations and other WTO Member countries. The Enquiry Point also provides relevant supporting documents. This free and open communication allows trading partners to be aware of and to meet expectations and trade requirements more readily thus contributing to the trade facilitation process and increase trade activity in both imports and exports. The Enquiry Point is an information center where domestic, regional and international stakeholders can request and obtain information about Myanmar’s and other country’s measures, regulations, standards, test procedures, certification requirements, etc.


A primary goal of the WTO’s Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Agreement is to insure that food is traded safely and that animal and plant pests or diseases are not spread through trade means that import restrictions are sometimes required. The SPS Agreement seeks to strike a balance between the right of WTO members to protect health and the need to allow the smooth flow of goods across international borders. The Agreement recognizes the right of WTO members to adopt legitimate measures to protect food safety and animal and plant health while ensuring these measures are not applied in an unnecessary manner for protectionist purposes.

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