Department of Fisheries

Implementation of SPS activities of Department of Fisheries

  • Department of Fisheries is the agency designated by the Government of theRepublic of the Union of Myanmar as the National Competent Authority, responsible for applying official control for exported fish and fishery products.
  • Under the Trade Development Program, EU has been supporting the technical assistant for Department of Fisheries as follows:
    1. Official control Manual was revised according to ISO 17020.
    2. DOF Inspectors were trained to implement f00d safety management system effectively in supply chain such as fishing vessel, landing sites, processing plants.
    3. Information management system (Data Based Management) was implemented for the plan and performance of  National Residue Monitoring Plan at DOF.
    4. Ms Else Marie Andersen, an international food control experts, will work with TDP on the strengthening and modernisation of the DOF inspection system and support DOF management and inspectors with the development and implementation of procedures and activities in accordance with the requirements of the international standard for inspection bodies, ISO17020
    5. On 28 and 29 January 2016 TDP facilitated a training provided by DG SANTE on the TRACES system (Trade Control and Expert System) in order to establish a new electronic health certification system for fishery products exported from Myanmar to the EU. There were 34 participants, which included 20 from commercial seafood exports and 14 certification officers and inspectors from DOF
    6. Good Aquaculture Practice to be in line with ASEAN and EU Market Market requirements 8 Good Aquaculture Practices (GAqP) compliance and traceability training course was conducted by international Expert, Ms Kyra Hoevenaars.This course included  participants from DOF/MFF extension officers/Fish/shrimp  farmers and  four universities in Myanmar (Pathein University, Mawlamyine University, University of Yangon and Sittwe University)( Total 172 participants)
    7. The international STE, Mr Gilles Hosch, prepared National Plan of Action on IUU Fishing (NPOA-IUU) for Department of Fisheries, Myanmar.
    8. Mr Gilles Hosch conducted training courses for private and public sector stakeholders on the application the proper procedures in Myeik (18th to 21st October 2016) and Kawthaung (24th to 26th October 2016 ) . The mission was concluded with a Train-the-Trainer course for DOF staff in Yangon (28th October 2016).Total 130 participates includind 80 participants from private sector and 50 DOF staff were trained across the three events.
    9. Five persons were recruited as consultant trainees for food safety in cooperation with the MPEA. The trainees will learn how to advise and deliver a range of training courses to fishing industry association members on food safety topics. The trainees are employed by the MPEA, but are trained by TDP.
    10. Training on ISO 17025 Management Requirement.
    11. Training on calibration for Microbiology.
    12. Training on Uncertainty Measurement were conducted Participants from FDA, DOF, MITS, CTQM, Agriculture ( PPD) were participated  Cabinet approved to form on (31.1.2017) the committee to control the Veterinary Medicine and feed for Aquaculture sector  officials from FDA, MOC DOF and Veterinary Department
    13. (2) particiapnts from Department of Fisheries went to the United Nation University, Iceland to attend the trainging on “Quality Management of Fish Handling and Processing from 3rd September 2017 to 3rd March 2018 supported by TDP.
    14. Conducted the Workshop on Water Treatment System attended (3) representatives from Supplier Companies and  (20) representatives from  EU Approved Establishments hold on (6.4.2018) at Myanmar Feisheries Fredration supported by TDP.
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