Export Procedure

Standard Operating Procedure – SOP for Plants and Plant Products Exporters

Application • Apply before shipment • Applying after shipment will not be accepted • Apply Phytosanitary Certificate in comply with importing country requirements • Commodities to be exported should be inspected at PPD and land border entry/exit points

Documents need for applying Phytosanitary Certificate

  • Apply with completed application form of DOA-PPD and original payment receipt of bank
  • Submit representative samples of export commodities
  • Fumigation Certificate (original) issued by fumigation company which has been licensed by Pesticide Registration Board
  • Approved letter of company representative (if company assigns representative for application)
  • Register maximum (2) representatives per company – For forestry products, Certificate for legality of forest products/Specification (Measurement/packing list)
  • The application will be registered if the above necessary documents are completed.
  • If needed, laboratory test for pest and disease. If pest found, Phytosanitary Certificate will not be issued.

Estimated time for Phytosanitary Certificate

  • 3 office days (excluded official non-working public holidays)

Fees for Phytosanitary Certificate 30000 kyat

Phytosanitary Certificates can be applied at Plant Quarantine, land border entry/exit inspection points