Import Procedure

Standard Operating Procedure – SOP for Plants and Plant Products Importer

The importers should apply Import Certificate for the plants and plant products that have been allowed. The list is available both at Plant Protection Division (PPD) notice board and The import Certificate must be sent to NPPO of exporting country where issues Phytosanitary Certificate.

Documents need for applying Import Certificate

  • Apply with completed application form of Department of Agriculture (DOA)
  • PPD and original payment receipt of bank – Approved letter of company (if company assigns representative for application)
  • Register maximum (2) representatives per company
  • If the import is for planting;
  • Sugarcane – A letter from Sugar Crops Division
  • Perennial Crops – A letter of Perennial Crops Division
  • Other agricultural crops – A letter of Seed Division
  • Forest plants – A letter of Forestry Department
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

Estimated time for Import Certificate

  • 3 office days (excluded official non-working public holidays)

Fees for Import Certificate 30000 kyat

Import Certificates can be applied at Plant Quarantine, land border entry/exit inspection points.