Issuance of Health Certificate (HC)

Necessary Documents submitted by Applicant

  1. Application Letter with Company Letter Head
  2. Export /Import License (Copy)
  3. Certificate of Incorporation (Copy)
  4. Packing List (Copy)
  5. Invoice (Copy)
  6. Sale Contract(Copy)
  7. Laboratory Test Report (Original)
  8. Export Declaration (Copy)
  9. Bill of Landing (Copy)
  10. Pre-Export Verification (PEV) Report
  11. DOF Official Notification Letter to Department of Customs (Customs Release Order)

Actual Procedures

  1. An applicant (or Certified Customs Agent) can apply Health Certificate by using Myanmar Automated Cargo Clearance System (MACCS) and submit the required documents by online.
  2. When the exported goods are arrived at the Customs Checking Area, the applicant can collect representative sample of exported fishery products for Customs Clearance and send to the Department of Fisheries for analysis of exported fishery products intended for human consumption (shipment samples).
  3. The inspectors from Department of Fisheries check the documents firstly for Pre-Export Verification (PEV).
  4. If there are no irregularities found according to the laboratory results, the Department of Fisheries shall issue the Health Certificate (HC) after receiving the confirmation from the Director
  5. An applicant can receive Health Certificate (HC) by checking the Myanmar Automated Cargo Clearance System (MACCS) by online or receive it from the Department of Fisheries in person

Application Fee

  • It depends on the type of sample to be tested.

Time Frame

  • Approximately 14 working days if the submitted necessary    documents are completed


  • This Health Certificate is required for every batch of export