On- ground inspection by inspection team on arrival of imported fishery products

Necessary Documents submitted by Applicant

  1. Import License (Copy)
  2. Import Declaration (Copy)
  3. Invoice
  4. Agreement within Raw Supplier Company and processing company description with procedures for contract processing.
  5. Cold Storage License issued by Quality Control and Research Section (QCRS)(Copy)
  6. Bill of Lading
  7. Health Certificate issued by regarding department of  import country (Copy)
  8. Certificate of Origin (CO) issued by regarding organization of import country (Copy)
  9. HACCP Plan

Actual Procedures

  1. Applicant or regarding company submits all necessary information related to imported fishery products to Department of Fisheries for conducting inspection.
  2. For On-ground inspection by inspection team, the team inspects before and during manufacturing process of CMP Business.
  3. The applicant informs the required information and production status of finished products to the Department of Fisheries.

Application Fee

  • Nil

Time Frame

  • 2-3 days


  • The followings are checked during on-ground inspection
  • Whether the CMP process is followed according to GMP and HACCP standard or not
  • Type (species)
  • Manufacturing method
  • Quantity
  • Size of one unit (for each)
  • HACCP plan
  • Production Rate of finished products
  • Net weight of each finished product
  • Label

If same types of fishery products are imported for every importation, the inspection is conducted after 3 times of importation.