Processing Establishments, Cold Storage and Warehouse and Fishmeal License

Necessary Documents submitted by Applicant

  1. Application Form with company letter head
  2. Copy of permission from municipal
  3. Copy of Company registration
  4. Recommendation for clearance of revenue
  5. Last year production
  6. Recommendation for responsible area
  7. 2 photos of factory
  8. 2 photos of owner

Actual Procedures

  1. An applicant submits the necessary documents for applying Cold Storage License to the Director General of the Department of Fisheries.
  2. The Department of Fisheries checks the submitted documents And if the documents are complete, Cold Storage License shall be issued.

Application Fee

  • For Fish/ Shrimp – Est Metric Ton x 50 kyats (per year)
  • For Others – Est Metric Ton x 40 kyats (per year)
  • For Fishmeal – Est Metric Ton  X  40 Kyats (per year)

Time Frame

10 working days if the submitted documents are complete.


  • This License shall be hold at Cold Storage Factory at the place where it can be seen
  • This License shall be shown to the regarding Inspector during the inspection.
  • It shall follow the instruction and regulation periodically issued by the Department of Fisheries and by existing laws of
  • This License Holder shall submit the complete list and information requested by the Department of Fisheries as
  • Without prior agreement from the Department of Fisheries, the License Holder shall follow strictly not to update the information shown in the
  • The business shall allow only the permitted fisheries product mentioned in the
  • It shall follow and run the business in accordance with the directions issued by the Department of Fisheries and it shall perform according to specified
  • If the business is temporarily stopped or abolished, it is required to inform the Department of Fisheries as soon as possible about the case and this License shall be returned back to the
  • The monthly list of finished products production shall be submitted to the Department of Fisheries within (7) days after the month is
  • Apart from the permitted fisheries products, others shall not be able to reform, freeze and
  • The fisheries products shall be produced according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).
  • For the exporting country, it shall allow to export only the fisheries products permitted by the regarding countries.
  • Processing establishments, Cold Storage and Warehouse License shall be renewed at the Department of Fisheries before the expiry date shown on the License.