Regulation for the Exportation of animals from myanmar to any country

  1. Animal : Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep and Goat, Horse, Pig, Chicken, Dog, Cat and Zoo Animals.
  1. Exporting Country : Myanmar
  2. Purpose : Any purpose
  3. Regulation for importation
1. Export Licence

The consignment of animals shall be accompanied by a valid export licence issued by Government authority.

2. Description of Animal

The consignment of animals shall be accompanied by a certificate containing a full description or identification of the animals.

3. Veterinary Certification

3.1 According to the importing countries’s requirements, the quarantine period may vary from (10) days to (60) days depend on animal species;

3.1.1 Cattle, buffalo, sheep & goat : 10 – 30 days

3.1.2 Chicken : 20 – 60 days

3.1.3 Dog & Cat : 30 days

3.1.4 Horse : 21 – 30 days

3.1.5 Pig : 21 – 30 days

3.2 Disease free status shall be verified by the authorised laboratory according to the requirement of importing countries.

4. Quarantine in Myanmar

4.1 The animal health condition is clinically examined within 3 days after arrival at the quarantine station.

4.2 On 4th day of arrival, and blood samples should be collected for laboratory tests.

4.3 Vaccination should be carried out as the requirement of importing country.

4.4 Clinically sick animals must be separated and observed.

4.5 The animals should be detected and treated with broad spectrum anthelmintics within 7 days prior to export.

4.6 During the quarantine period, charges for animal health care, charges for keeping in quarantine and feeding should be paid by the owner.

4.7 The animals should be clinically healthy and free from any clinical signs of infectious or contagious disease at the time of export.

4.8 The health certificate should be issued by authorized veterinarian of Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department.

4.9 All in, all out system should be practiced.

4.10 After discharging of animals from quarantine station, quarantine must be cleaned and disinfected. The new consignment of animals should be introduced three days after disinfection.

5. Fee

The following fees are payable, for each consignment of cattle/ buffalo, sheep/ goat, horse, pig, dog, cat and exported from Myanmar;

5.1 For cattle/ buffalo, horse: 10000 kyats per head

5.2 For sheep & goat: 2000 kyats per head

5.3 For pig: 2000 kyats per head

5.4 For dog and Cat: 10000 kyats per head