Regulation for the Importation of breeding swine into myanmar

  1. Animal : Swine
  2. Exporting Country : All Countries
  3. Purpose : Breeding
  4. Regulation for importation
1. Import Licence

The consignment of animals shall be accompanied by a valid import licence issued by Government authority of Myanmar.

2. Description of Animal

The consignment of animals shall be accompanied by a certificate containing a full description or identification of the animals.

3. Veterinary Certification

3.1 A health certificate signed by authorized Veterinary Officer. An individual  detail description of imported animal should be mentioned in the certificate.

3.2 Pedigree certificate shall accompany on arrival.

3.3 The animals are found to be healthy, free from sign of any infectious or contagious disease including ectoparasitism.

3.4 The country of origin is free from African Swine Fever, Enterovirus, Encephalomyelitis(Teschen Disease), Swine Vesicular Disease and Rinderpest.

3.5 The country/region/zone of origin has been free from FMD for the past (12) months.

3.6 Each individual must be submitted to the following test with negative results. The test must be carried out during the (30) days prior to export.

3.6.1 Brucellosis by serum agglutination test or CFT.

3.6.2 Aujeszky’s Disease by ELISA.

3.6.3 Transmissible Gastro-enteritis (TGE) by ELISA.

3.6.4 Atrophic Rhinitis by tube agglutination test.

3.6.5 Leptospirosis by agglutination test using antigen or 2 injections of dihydrostreptomycin (25 mg/kg BWT) at an interval of (14) days.

3.6.6 PRRS by serological test.

3.7 The animal shall be treated with an approved broad spectrum anthelmintics and external parasites shortly prior to export.

4. Quarantine in Myanmar

4.1 The Vehicle & Containers for transport should be thoroughly disinfected.

4.2 The animals are subjected to quarantine at approved premises for a period of not less than (30) days upon arrival, during which they shall be submitted to test or treatment deemed necessary. The owner shall be fully charged.

4.3 Failure to follow the import procedures may result in returning the animals to the country of origin or destroyed without compensation.

5. Fee

The following fees are payable, for each consignment of breeding swine imported into Myanmar;

2000 kyats per head