Regulation for the Importation of horses into myanmar

  1. Animal : Horses
  2. Exporting Country : All Countries
  3. Purpose : Breeding
  4. Regulation for importation
1. Import Licence

The consignment of animals shall be accompanied by a valid import licence issued by Government authority of Myanmar.

2. Description of Animal

The consignment of animals shall be accompanied by a certificate containing a full description or identification of the animals.

3. Veterinary Certification

3.1 A health certificate signed by authorized Veterinary Officer, including the individual identification of importing animals.

3.2 The certificate should include the following information;

3.2.1 Pedigree certificate should be accompanied.

3.2.2 The animals must be free from any infectious or contagious disease as well as parasitism at the time of export.

3.2.3 The country of origin has been free from African Horse Sickness,Equine Encephalomyelitis, Vesicular Stomatitis, Dourine, and Epzootic Lymphangitis. The animals must originate from the area where no clinical signs of Equine Infectious Anaemia, Equine Viral Arthritis, Equine Rhinopneumonitis, Equine Influenza and Horse Pox, Glanders, Strangles and Surra during the past 12 months prior to export.

3.2.4 The animals are subjected to quarantine of exporting country before (30) days prior to export.

3.2.5 Each animal must be submitted to tests with negative results for Equine Infectious Anaemia, African Horse Sickness, Equine Viral Arthritis carried out (30) days prior to export.

3.2.6 The animals must be treated with broad spectrum anthelmintics for internal and external parasites shortly prior to export.

4. Quarantine in Myanmar

4.1 The animal should be examined for abnormality as soon as after arrival.

4.2 The vehicle and container for transporting must be designed to avoid any injury and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

4.3 While in transit, avoid contact with other animals not similar in health status.

4.4 On arrival, the animals are subjected to quarantine for a period not less than (30) days and tests or treatments shall be done if necessary. All charges of tests and treatments shall be borne by the owner.

4.5 Failure to meet the requirement of import procedures, the animals will be destroyed without compensation or returned to the country of origin.

5. Fee

The following fees are payable for each consignment of horses imported intoMyanmar;

10000 kyats per head