Regulation for the Importation of wildlife as zoo animals into myanmar

  1. Animal : Any Wild Animal or Bird
  2. Exporting Country : All Countries
  3. Purpose : Zoo animals
  4. Regulation for importation
1. Import Licence

The consignment of animals shall be accompanied by a valid import licence issued by Government authority of Myanmar.

2. Description of Animal

The consignment of animals shall be accompanied by a certificate containing a full description or identification of the animals.

3. Veterinary Certification

3.1 The health certificate signed by authorized veterinary officer including an individual identification of the animals or birds.

3.2 The certificate must also include the following health status information;

3.2.1 The animals are found to be clinically healthy and free from signs of any infectious or contagious diseases at the time of export.

3.2.2 The animals birds have not been in contact with or exposed to any  animal suffering from any disease of economic importance within (30) days preceding the date of inspection, prior to the export.

3.2.3 The country of origin has been free from FMD, Rinderpest, Anthrax, Fowl plague, Newcastle Disease, Contagious Bovine/ Caprine Pleuro – pneumonia, African Swine Fever, African Horse Sickness and Rabies for the past (12) months prior to the export.

3.2.4 The animals or birds are originated from areas where there has been no clinical evidence of the following diseases in the preceding (6) months of export; Bovine: CBPP, Malignant Catarrhal Fever, Brucellosis, Tuberculosis and John’s Disease. Ovine, Caprine: Brucellosis, CCPP (Contagious Caprine Peuropneumonia) Equine: Glanders and Equine Encephalomyelitis Avian: Pullorum, Infectious Laryngotracheitis, Avian Influenza Canine/Feline: Distemper, Rabies & Panlcukopenia Primate: Tuberculosis Other species: Rabies, Influenza Sea Lion: Leptospirosis, Brucellosis, Chlamydophila psittaci, Phocid herpes virus, Calciviruses, Canine Adenovirus.

4. Quarantine in Myanmar

4.1 Along the transportation, avoid contact with other animals.

4.2 On arrival, birds and animals shall be quarantined for not less than (14) days.

4.3 During the quarantine period, if necessary, tests and treaments shall be given. The owners shall be charged for the expenses.

4.4 Failure to follow the import procedures may result in returning the birds and animals to the country of origin or destroyed without compensation.

5. Fee

The following fees are payable, for each consignment of wildlife as zoo animals imported into Myanmar;

5.1 For bird animals   1000 kyats per head

5.2 For elephant animals  : 100 kyats per kg

5.3 For live beetle animals  100 kyats per head